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06 December 2015 @ 04:16 pm
Fanfic: Pitch Black [Chapter 17]  
Title: Pitch Black
Author: audcline
Genres:Romance, Drama ,Angst, Slice of Life
Pairings: YamaChii[main], Tadaiki,Daichi,YamaJima [side pairing]
Rating:rated G
Summary: Yuri lost his reasons to open new doors after an incident during his last year in the University. After that incident he changed. Ever since then, he lived his life in shadows and distance his self from people. Until an unexpected encounter made him take a step out of his shell once again, but what if stepping out of his shell means facing those people who made him feel worthless? What if stepping out of his shell means acceptance of the things that he already closes his eyes for? and what if stepping out of his shell means falling inlove to a person he didn't expect was once became a part of his past life?

Updated: Chapter 17
Current Mood: contentcontent