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25 June 2016 @ 02:38 am
Behind the love shot [ short fic ]  
Title: Behind the love shot
Written by: Ciel / Cierruuuu
Pairing: YamaChine / YamaChii ( Yamada Ryosuke ❤ Chinen Yuri )
Type: short fic (drabble)
Disclaimer: Purely fictional story. Even the name I used for the Popolo staffs, don't take it seriously lol I don't know the name of the real staffs. xD
Warning: Boys love. Don't like? Don't read. But if you love YamaChine, then you should read this. xD haha
Summary: The reason behind the so called 'love shot' request from the Popolo staffs.

Read here: "Wow." said Chinen.